A)Deadlift;  Warm up tp 60% and then go up from there, adding wt. ea. set: 3,3,3,3

B) Behind the Neck Press: 5,5,5

C) 1Arm Bent Over Row w/ DB or KB: 3 sets, 8 reps/arm; heavy as possible

D) Strict Chinups: 3 sets: AMReps as possible; Rest 2 minutes b/t sets

Accessory Core:

3 mins total work FLR (plank hold on Rings)

3 mins total work: GHD Bk Ext wt’ed. Hold (10K/5K)

80 T2B – Slice and Dice as you want; NFT; k2E is the MOD; V-Ups is the MOD,MOD.



10 Rounds

10R/L 1A KBS (green/yellow)

10 Air Sq

5 R/L 1A Swings

5 Burpee Push Ups



Interval Training or Endurance Training?

Interval Training or Endurance Training?

I was prompted to think about endurance training a couple of nights ago after a conversation with James, who is preparing for the Ragnar Relay and was wondering about training for longer distance running events. Then, this morning an article came across my FB feed called “The Death of Steady State Cardio.” A great read that I’ll summarize in two sentences:

Endurance training, or steady state cardio, in which you run, row, swim, bike, etc. at a moderate pace for an extended (25+ minutes) period of time, will not make you strong, it won’t help you to lose weight, and it won’t improve your health. It will, however, make you better at running, rowing, swimming or biking for a long time at a moderate pace, but not as good as interval training.

Let me relate my own experience. Here is me three months after my second marathon:

Marathon Ryan

Marathon Ryan

Here is a guy in his early thirties. Pretty healthy, not too embarrassed to take his shirt off, but already starting to feel like he’s never gonna see that high school six pack again. I like to think of this as my “Before” picture. Shortly after, I started doing CrossFit and immediately saw how much more effective these high-intensity, constantly varied workouts were. The strength gains were not surprising, since I hadn’t been lifting much prior to CrossFit. But the really surprising improvement was in my running times. I knocked ten minutes off my 10k time after six months of CrossFit. And keep in mind, I never ran more than 800 meters in any workout.

If at times I get a little preachy about avoiding endurance training, it’s because I spent way too many hours on the elliptical with my headphones in while reading a magazine and barely breaking a sweat and then wondering why I wasn’t getting any fitter. Don’t waste your time. Just do what Dion says.


Wednesday – Hump day, YEAH!


A) Standing Strict Press @ 3030 warm up to 60% and stay there for 3 sets of 5reps

B)Clean: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1

C)Front Squat – 5,5,4,4,3,3; Start at 60% and go up from there every set if possible

D)GHD Bk. Ext – wt. or no wt; 60-70 total reps

Accessory Core:

30s ON: 30s OFF:

Stiff Arm Sit up with Plate (20K/10K)

Kneeling wt.’ed Slasher to top of 24” box R/L (Green/Yellow)

Side Plank Hold R/L

X4 Sets



20 Min AMR:

8 Front Squats (50K/29K)

10 CAL AD Sprint

12 GHD Bk Ext.

14 Sandbag ½ moons





A)Back Sq – 4×10; @ 60% of 1RM

B)Snatch: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1

C1) Strict  Pullups; AMR in 30s

C2) Dips (Ring or Static)AMR in 30s.

Rest as needed b/t sets; 5 total sets

Accessory Core:

1 Tabata set: ½ Moons

1 Tabata set: Hollow Rock Holds

1 Tabata set: Super Man Holds



24 Mins TOTAL; Ea Rnd is 3 minutes

1 minute: MAX Meter Row

2 min Rest: In that 2 min rest complete: 8 Burpee Box Jump





A)Snatch: 2 Position Complex: 1P.Sn + 2 HngSq.Sn

B)Clean & Jerk: 1PCl + 2 Front Sq. + 1 Jerk

C1) Wt. Lunge Steps – 150 total steps (35#/20#)

C2) 1Arm Seated Press AMR in 10s – Heavy as possible ea. set

Accessory Core:

AbWheel k2e – 80 reps

AbWheel Pike – 80 Reps

AbWheel Crawl – 15 Gym Lengths



450 M Run


5 Rounds

20 Pullups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Air Sq.


450 M Run


Sunday FUNday

Strength & Conditioning:

5 Rounds

8R/L DB or KB 1Arm Row  (53#KB’s/35# DB’s)

8R/L Goblet Step Ups (20”)

16 Alt KB/DB Snatch  (53#KB’s/35# DB’s)